Teeth whitening is a relatively new industry and has shown tremendous growth in the last 10 plus years. A large part of the potential dental market comes from teens and young adults trying to make that image statement about their beautiful white teeth. There is nothing wrong with that but people using self-whitening kits should be aware that not all over the counter treatments are created equal and to get that great smile and bright white teeth it is recommended you visit a trusted dental group like Rocklin Smiles in Rocklin.

The Academy of General Dentists advises teens to wait to use whitening procedures until at least the age of 14. By this time, the tooth’s pulp is fully formed, which means a teen will experience less sensitivity from teeth whitening.

It is always advised before one undertakes the teeth whitening process they should visit their dentist, Rocklin Smiles, for advice on teeth whitening products and all the different alternatives. Effective and safe teeth whitening is best applied using a custom-made bleaching tray, which only a dentist can fit properly and safely. Also, without supervision and expertise, these materials can aggravate sensitive teeth and gums, or damage existing dental work, such as fillings and crowns and potentially create problems. So, to be safe contact the professionals at Rocklin Smiles.

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