The dental team of Dr. Hopper and Dr. El-Maasri want their patients to feel confident and safe always so that is why they go to great lengths to educate all patients on the treatments they perform. It is no different with sedation dentistry which helps patients who are suffering from dental anxiety to get the dental attention that they need and to fully understand the process of sedation dentistry.

Many individuals suffer from tooth loss, bad breath, and whole body health risks because of dental dread needlessly. If you are of the many who fear visiting a dentist, it’s time to change your perception of dentistry and at Rocklin Smiles that is exactly what we have been doing for over 25 years. Call us now to schedule a consultation with a caring doctor to discuss your options when it comes to relaxing sedation dentistry.

Reverse Your Problems by Calling us NOW

It’s never too late to regain that confident smile you once had and it can all start by calling our office now. If you have ignored your oral health and teeth, then sedation dentistry may help you reverse your neglect.

Our state of the art sedation methods will boost your confidence and smile and allow you to have a painless fast, easy and quick procedure. You can feel calm, relaxed and sensitivity-free while we work to correct all issues such as:

  • Whiten your teeth
  • Replace broken dental work
  • Strengthen the teeth with crowns, inlays, and onlays
  • Place beautiful porcelain veneers
  • Administer periodontal therapy and more!

You’ll walk out of our office with fresh breath, beautiful teeth, and relief from any toothaches or other concerns. You won’t remember the details of your procedure, but you’ll look in the mirror and see impressive results!

Sedation Dentistry that is Safe is just a phone call away!

The dental team of Dr. Hopper Dr. El-Maasri have completed countless safe dental sedation procedures over the last 25+ years. Why not be next? Conscious sedation allows our patients to respond to their dentist’s questions and commands while remaining calm and content and allows them to perform the most advanced and result driven results possible. Dental sedation will ease your mind and allow you to undergo the procedures that will improve your life, health and smile.

You deserve the most personalized treatment that only experienced doctors can provide. Once you experience compassionate dentistry with dental sedation, you may never experience dental anxiety again.