Fillings- Prevent Wear and Tear on your Teeth.

Fillings are a dentist’s best friend and should be yours as well. Fillings help prevent tooth decay, wear and tear and strengthen teeth. There are lots of different types of fillings but some of the more common ones include porcelain, gold, composite and amalgam fillings. When a filling or crown won’t do the trick often times inlays and overlays are used.

Your dentist, at the time of your appointment, will provide solutions specific to your needs. He or she will factor in a number of different variables to come up with the proper procedure for your teeth. He or she will also factor in your budget as well as costs ro provide you with a option that fits your budget.

Why fillings are used?

Fillings are used to fill cavities in your teeth caused by tooth decay. Fillings require the dentist to drill a small part of your tooth away and once all the decay has been removed insert one of a number of different types of fillings into your tooth. In most cases it is painless and is a rather quick process.

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